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Senior Software Engineer @BuzzFeed

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My name is Mark and I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer @BuzzFeed (formerly Principal Engineer @BBCNews).

I’m also a published author with Apress and LeanPub:


You can find me online at the following locations:


BuzzFeed (June 2016 - present)

The journey has just begun…

BBC (Jan 2013 - June 2016)

I joined BBC News as a client-side/mobile specialist within their Core News team. Within the year I had moved into a senior engineering role. The (then) Technical Lead for the BBC News Frameworks team requested I join them in order to help the organisation transition from its current platform over to one built upon the AWS platform.

I started in the Frameworks team building and designing back-end architecture for different microservices hosted upon the AWS platform, and we developed these services primarily using JRuby. In October 2014, I was offered the role of Technical Lead.

Near the end of 2015 I decided to change roles to Principal Software Engineer, as my previous role required more of my time to be spent in meetings and handling line manager duties, where as I wanted to focus my time more on helping my team solve technical problems.

Storm Creative (Feb 2001 - Dec 2012)

I started working at the agency Storm Creative straight out of college. I was always focused on learning and improving my skill set - both technical and soft skills - the latter helped me communicate better with both clients and other stakeholders/colleagues.

I progressed upwards through the organisation, moving from initially being a client-side web developer (this included doing animations utilising ActionScript 3.0) to becoming a server-side developer (ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby), then onto becoming a Technical Lead across all projects and finally becoming the Digital Media Manager responsible for my own team of four engineers and overseeing all aspects of our projects.

Key Achievements






Tools, Languages and Tech

I don’t profess mastery but I’m adept with most of the below, and I have an aptitude towards learning what I need to:


Other than the talk I gave at the Mozilla offices in Paris (which included speakers from: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Opera, W3C and Akamai), I’ve given a few internal talks during my time at the BBC as well as an 80min talk on a BuzzFeed HTTP routing service abstraction called “Site Router” in 2017.


I’m a print published and self-published author; I’m also a tech reviewer and am a published author for many popular online organisations (you’ll find many technical articles on my own website as well):




NET Magazine

Smashing Magazine



The following links are to some of my more ‘popular’ articles. My main focus when writing is to take a complicated or confusing topic and attempt to distil it, in order for the subject to be more easily understood.


I ideally want to get across two fundamental things about me:

  1. I’m very passionate about programming and the openness of the web
  2. I love getting the chance to learn and experience new things