Python for Programmers (new book)

I've done it again, I've written another book.

OK so it's a short one, but it's been really enjoyable as it's been mainly me documenting my experience as a programmer learning a new language and all the tools and idioms that come with the new territory. In this case it's the Python eco-system.

Why write another book?

I've been working with Ruby for the last ~4yrs and Go for a year or so now, and jumping into Python has been a real pleasure and breath of fresh air. Plus the similarties in language are more towards Go than they are Ruby; so if you've been considering learning Python but wasn't sure what the point was, then I strongly recommend you give it a whirl as I've found myself enjoying it a lot more than Ruby (not because it's fresh, but because as I've grown older and become - thankfully - wiser I've realised some of the inherent issues with Ruby that Python solves through simplicity; much like Go's ethos is based upon).

But enough rambling, what about the book? It's called "Python for Programmers" and it's aimed at developers who don't need a lesson in how to write code but just want to get up to speed with the Python language and all the idioms and tools etc.

Where can I get it?

You can find the book here:

Go check it out, and for what is effectively £5, you get a lot of concise useful knowledge bombs dropped within a short space of time and will genuinely help you get up to speed - in a practical sense - in no time at all. For the time I've spent on the book, and the usefulness I think it provides, I wouldn't expect £5 (which is ~$8) to be a stretch for most people in our industry; especially considering our knowledge is what gets us paid, so educating ourselves is important to our professional growth.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think.