About Me

Hello, my name is Mark and I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer @BuzzFeed (formerly Principal Engineer @BBCNews).

I consider myself a 'jack of all trades', or if you want to be in with the crowd then "polyglot" is fine too. So you'll find my work experience over the years has provided me with a very wide ranging skill set.

I'm pretty easy going, lots of people say nice things about working with me, and that's really cool (you know who you are, and the cheque is in the mail).

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub talking about a wide range of topics (technical, musical and philosophical).

I'm a published author of four books (two through Apress and two self-published via Leanpub):

While I was at the BBC they had a yearly "Developer Awards" ceremony, where I've previously had the grace to win a few things:

For more details on my work history, please refer to my resume